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Software Developers: We Are Virgo 19!

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Our Software Development Story

Route 17’s story started in 2014¬†when we wondered how we could help families smile more. The 17 in our name is a reference to the seventeen different types of smiles that we humans can express. Our focus at the time was on the travel and leisure market. We wanted to encourage families to get out there together to explore, have adventures, make great memories and smile more. While travel and leisure is a crowded space, we felt our focus on families would help us differentiate ourselves. However, for our plan to work, we needed partners within the travel and leisure market. We found ourselves in a catch-22 where we needed partners to show-off our technology, but we needed to establish our technology to gain partners. That’s when we launched Virgo 19!

To not dilute Route 17, which we still intend to use as the brand for our travel and leisure app, we decided to release apps showcasing our technology and software capabilities under the Virgo 19 business name. Our current focus is to develop software that harnesses data that enhance our leisure time. We will also develop teaching and learning software for families. Our overarching goal will always be to explore how we can engage with families better. Including working on interfaces that appeal to children. Our long-term vision is to launch Route 17, the app that helps families smile more.

While we journey towards Route 17, we are open to partnerships in the form of relevant advertisement for our apps. We are also open to working with individuals and companies to develop software for their needs and ideas. However, any software we develop for a third party would be strictly on a commission basis. If you would like to partner with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply to you promptly!